Mipod shell faqs

1.       What can the MiPod Shell™ be used for?

The uses are almost endless. Popular uses include disaster relief, displaced persons, military personnel, hunting blinds, ice fishing shelters, kiosks, camping structures and many others.

2.      Can the MiPod Shell be used for camping?

Yes, the MiPod Shell can be used for camping. We offer consumers the option to customize its configuration to suit any desires. We also plan to explore a partnership with chain campgrounds to offer the MiPod Shell™ as a lodging option. Its easy portability and quick set up make the MiPod Shell™ a simple and convenient option for camping. It also provides campers protection from dangerous animals and shelter from extreme temperatures.

3.       Can the MiPod Shell be used for ice fishing?

Yes it can. These shelters can be used for almost anything. We offer the option to customize window and door features, allowing for access panels or doors to be placed on the bottom of your unit to enable fishing within the shelter. Plus, the shelter’s outstanding R-Value makes it ideal for low-temperature ice fishing. It will keep you warm and out of the wind to ensure an excellent fishing adventure.

4.      What is the temperature range in the MiPod Shell?

The materials and insulation used make this shelter very versatile. The temperature range is expected to be -30 to 140F (-34 to 60 °C). This is made possible by the special foam insulation used within the walls.

5.       How many people can sleep in the MiPod Shell?

The MiPod Shell comfortably fits a family of 4 to 6.

Mipod safe faqs

6.      Why is the MiPod Safe called a safe room?

The main reason we call it a “safe room” is because it is made of 1/4” steel and has a 300 lb door. This, along with roof-to-wall construction, makes the MiPod Safe™ extremely strong and virtually indestructible.

7.       How can I order?

Glad you asked. Contact any of our team members and we will gladly accommodate any needs or questions. Contact information can be found here or you can submit questions on the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your inquiry!

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