MiPod Shell™

Quick and easy to assemble, the MiPod Shell is a cost-effective, durable, self contained, mold-resistant and highly mobile, reusable shelter for those in need of emergency relief. MiPod Shell ships complete which offers ease of use and has an indefinite product lifecycle. Assembling the shelter requires one common tool – a hex key (provided) – no special skills required. In less than 15 minutes, three to four people can assemble a lockable, private and sanitary dwelling from six composite pieces. The emergency relief shelter provides comfort and security when and where it is needed most. It is easily transportable and can withstand an airdrop for remote rapid deployment. The MiPod Shell is designed and built ready for any crisis.

Key Product Characteristics:

  • Self-contained design, nothing to misplace
  • Rapidly deployable and re-packable for re-deployment
  • Units collapse, stack and interlock for ease of shipping and storage
  • All components are field repairable/replaceable within minutes
  • Able to be sterilized for re-use
  • Fire retardant and anti-bacterial


  • Dimensions: 7' x 9' x 7'8"
  • Wall thickness: 2”
  • Composition: Composite material with a Polyurethane, R-15 foam core 
  • Comfort range ambient air temperature: -30 to 140 °F (-34 to 60 °C)
  • HVAC and electric compatible
  • Customizable colors and available egress-rated windows
  • Foam sleeping pads and wool blankets included


  • Packaged size: 7' x 9' x 1'
  • Four 1/2" mattresses stored between wall sections to protect during shipping
  • 24 MiPod units in a standard 40' sea container
  • 28 MiPod units in a "High Cube" 40' sea container
  • 40 MiPod units in a C-130 Hercules
  • 198 MiPod units in a C-17 Globetrotter
  • 384 MiPod units in a C5A Galaxy

MiPod Shell Emergency Shelter Gallery