Meet the Team

Al Athanasiou, CEO

Al Athanasiou is the CEO, founder and inventor of MiPod®. He holds international patents for a multitude of inventions, including ship and armored transportation, as well as structural system designs. He possesses 30 years of experience with corporate and private clients from both U.S. and foreign agencies. His background in the fields of global man-made and natural disasters solidify his knowledge of building secure structures.

Timothée Brzozowski, COO

Tim Brzozowski is MiPod’s Chief Operating Officer and managing partner for the planning and operations of MiPod®. He’s a business management graduate with an entrepreneurial mind and a passion for the preservation of human rights. His focus on bringing a better life to those who only have the means to survive is a good indicator of his compassion and drive for the success and betterment of MiPod®.

Matt gruenke, vp of sales and marketing

Matt Gruenke is MiPod’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  He has a degree in Organizational Communication/Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.  Matt offers a wealth of progressive experience in new account growth, management operations, and building successful client relationships.  Over the years, Matt’s successes have been built upon a strong foundation in communication and relationship-building with clients and other professional organizations. Matt has a passion for helping others that are faced with living in difficult situations and environments.